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Oct. 18, 2022

Room Service

Room Service

We follow Bozzy on a less-than-ordinary night of room service. Rushing in to work, Bozzy is greeted by Danny, the kitchen manager, who tasks Bozzy with a number of deliveries, the least of which are a delivery to a sexy woman in room 1612 and a mafioso with a yen for cannolis and Pernod.

Bozzy delivers to room 1612 where he is, sure enough, greeted by a naked woman. Candida Maxima is a stripper with huge ambition and on the rise. After a long conversation, Candida gives Bozzy a copy of JOHN K in which Bozzy discovers a pair of tickets to closing night of Weirdo Cool’s Wild Ride at the Vegas Pompeii.

Off to his next delivery, Bozzy is greeted by gruff barks when he arrives at the Marcus Aurelius Villa where he meets Rhea Quackenheimer.

Bozzy shares his understanding of gambling and a little bit about himself, but he’s running late on his delivery to a mafioso!

When Bozzy knocks on the mafioso’s hotel suite door. No answer. Bemused and concerned, Bozzy enters the suite. It's alarmingly empty.

Cautiously, Bozzy walks onto the terrace and discovers a man standing on the other side of the terrace railing. He rushes to stop the guy from jumping...


  • Bozzy – Jonathan Medina
  • Danny – Robin Buck
  • Tidget – Benno Ressa
  • Candida – Stephanie Vlahos
  • Rhea – Julia Fulton
  • Sadie – Dawn Cantwell
  • Imani – Gwyn Mackenzie
  • The Invisible – Daniel Morin
Stephanie Vlahos Profile Photo

Stephanie Vlahos

Writer - Actor - Creator

As a former professional opera singer with a crossover edge, Stephanie’s early career ranged in its collaborative work with artists such as Pierre Boulez, Andre Previn, Van Dyke Parks, John Adams, Ry Cooder, Jeff Bridges, Walter Hill, Maury Yeston, Sir Peter Hall, Peter Sellars, Andre Serban, Jonathan Miller, Danny Elfman, Case Scaglione, and Music Producer David Was, to name a few. These collaborations led Stephanie to further explore performance art, while coaching and mentoring students in theatre technique and voice for a number of years.

Dawn Cantwell Profile Photo

Dawn Cantwell

Actor - Singer

Actor, singer, and writer. She has been seen on Broadway, off-Broadway, regionally, on film and television, and has toured as a singer/songwriter internationally. Originally from the wilderness of Altadena California, she grew up surfing, hiking, and belting out musical theater songs with her brother Ryan at the piano.

Julie Fulton Profile Photo

Julie Fulton


Julie Fulton was born in Evanston, Illinois, USA. She is an actress, known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997), Matlock (1986) and Hunter (1984).
She plays the voice of Rhea Quackenheimer on Mercury's Wake.