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Oct. 18, 2022

Trust me, it'll all just get weirder

Trust me, it'll all just get weirder

Fresh from her sorrows, Imani joins Geoff on an LA carpet ride as Geoff's star rises courtesy of the book JOHN K.

Becoming more Hollywood by the moment, Geoff loses sight of anything that matters while Imani realizes there’s nothing for her in Hollywood.

Next stop: Vegas where stuff just gets weirder while Imani evaluates her life, moving from the absurd to the absurd, between dream and the dreamscape of Caesars.

As she meanders the casino, Imani discovers an arcade and a mysterious character from Last Chance, Colorado.


  • Imani Cosmos - Gwyneth Mackenzie
  • Geoff - Kenny Ricci
  • Dalila - Anindo Marshall
  • Cami - Mindy Lee
  • Aaron E - Stephanie Vlahos
Stephanie Vlahos Profile Photo

Stephanie Vlahos

Writer - Actor - Creator

As a former professional opera singer with a crossover edge, Stephanie’s early career ranged in its collaborative work with artists such as Pierre Boulez, Andre Previn, Van Dyke Parks, John Adams, Ry Cooder, Jeff Bridges, Walter Hill, Maury Yeston, Sir Peter Hall, Peter Sellars, Andre Serban, Jonathan Miller, Danny Elfman, Case Scaglione, and Music Producer David Was, to name a few. These collaborations led Stephanie to further explore performance art, while coaching and mentoring students in theatre technique and voice for a number of years.

Anindo Marshall Profile Photo

Anindo Marshall

Actor - Dancer

Anindo began her musical and dance career in her homeland of Kenya, as a vocalist/dancer/percussionist. She enjoyed a successful solo career in Europe, as a vocalist, signing a recording contract with EMI Spain, and becoming known as Kenya's singing sensation. Anindo has performed with Babatunde Olatunji, Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, among others.